To improve pool/spa water quality, Aqualiteck offers the following treatments :


flocculationCoagulation/flocculation is a procedure that allows smaller impurities (colloids) to agglomerate and form floc that can be retained by the filters. This keeps the organic matter from going back to the basin therefore preventing the formation of toxic chlorination by-products and lowering turbidity of the pool/spa water. Our coagulation/flocculation procedure does not block the filters or penetrate the filtration media.

Oxidation of the pool/spa water with chlorine dioxide

chlorine dioxideThe chlorine dioxide formed in the water with our product (without formation of chlorites and chlorates) eliminates organic matter without creating harmful chlorine by-products (chloramines, trihalomethanes, chloroforms, etc…) A small concentration of chlorine dioxide in the pool/spa water prevents, to a great extent, the formation of those by-products and also makes the free chlorine more effective (increase in the oxidation reduction potential). It is therefore possible to reduce the concentration of free chlorine while having even better disinfection. Also, chlorine dioxide quickly eliminates even the most resistant microorganisms and prevents/eliminates bio-film present in the filtration system.

Result: superior water quality

imagesK97YDXA3bThe water quality achieved by using our treatments corresponds to highest standards (DIN 19643, FINA). The products used are approved by NSF/ANSI-60 (approved for drinking water). They have been developed and manufactured in Germany where health and environmental standards are among the strictest in the world. Using those technologies requires no modification to the filtration system and requires virtually no upfront investment from the customer.

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